By offering access to 30 state-of-the-art research infrastructures across Europe and joining on-going experiments and measurements, to initiate new ones, to use data bases..., the ExpeER call for Transnational Access (TA) proposals provided a unique opportunity for research teams and individuals to access some of Europe’s major research infrastructures focused on ecosystem research. The services offered by the TA program went beyond those available at the national scale, thus encouraging greater collaboration amongst Europe’s top researchers to fill existing knowledge gaps.

This program was launched in June 2011 and was since continuously open until 31st January, 2015.

TA was open to researchers, post-docs and PhD students from EU-member and associated countries (look at the eligibility criteria).

Proposals could be submitted via the ExpeER website (2-6 months before the intended visit) in a two-step process (look at the application procedure): pre-application (short proposal) to check applicant eligibility and project feasibility with the site to be visited, followed by submission of a full application. The TA  selection process gave priority to collaborative projects that promote the transfer and advancement of scientific results, methods and technologies. ExpeER also offered “fast track” transnational access applications to researchers interested in visiting one or more TA sites for a brief period (max. 5 days).

TA users were offered financial support to contribute to subsistence and travel expenses incurred during TA visits. Travel expenses were covered, as well as daily subsistence costs (i.e. accommodation and meals; by country specific per diem rates) - look details for reimbursement procedure.