The ExpeER consortium can only consider a limited number of sites through the formal ExpeER partnership. The Related Sites Group (RSG) is a group of key researchers (primary investigators, scientific site co-ordinators) of highly instrumented sites, which are not in ExpeER, but comply with the ExpeER categories.

The RSG shall provide a link between the core project ExpeER and infrastructure holders (institutions, where the responsible experts are engaged) of high relevance to the ExpeER concepts and – reversely – infrastructure holders willing to apply ExpeER products. The objectives of the RSG are to serve as multiplicator for ExpeER products, maximize the outreach of ExpeER, prepare a pool for the structured expansion of ExpeER in the future, support efficient communication structures and increase the geographical and geo-political coverage of ExpeER. The expertise represented by the RSG shall be used for providing feedback on ExpeER products and testing of ExpeER standards and categories.

The most relevant networks and infrastructures for ExpeER have been identified in the first phase of ExpeER (strategic environment of ExpeER). Site co-ordinators from most relevant netwoks will be invited to join the RSG and attend ExpeER meetings.

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