ExpeER is embedded into a diverse landscape of related networks, projects, stakeholders and funding mechanisms. The concept builds on existing infrastructures, but only a small part of them is owned by consortium members. This calls for efficient networking and outreach activities. To that end it was important to develop a common understanding and overview of the strategic environment of ExpeER, which has been mapped into a MindMap.

On this basis the networking activities of ExpeER aim at:

  • establishing links with the related infrastructures on the network level,
  • including integration in broad scale site networks (observational power, representativeness), in order to prepare for the post-funded phase of ExpeER,
  • exploring options for permanent funding of the ExpeER distributed ecosystem research infrastructures,
  • facilitating outreach with the ExpeER “Related Sites Group” (RSG) as a key element linking ExpeER with related infrastructures close to ExpeER standards.