Fourth annual meeting 2014

The ExpeER 4th annual meeting took place at the French National Museum of Natural History (Paris) in the afternoon of 23 September 2014.
36 consortium members attended the meeting.
The meeting focused on the remaining workload in the ExpeER project, the management and financial issues and the major output that would not be presented in the ExpeER International Conference 2014. The meeting ended with an open discussion among the consortium members on how to disseminate and sustain the ExpeER output beyond the project’s completion.

Third annual meeting 2013

It was held the 13-14 November 2013 at Montpellier, France.
The 3rd annual meeting took place in the CNRS center in Montpellier. 46 participants took part in the meeting. A parallel workshop session took place in the first day for several WPs and a plenary session in the second day. Results of the project in each WP were presented to the consortium. Discussion took place mainly around how to communicate with ExpeER stakeholders and end users and how to implement project outcome to the ExpeER sites. Most participants have visited the ecotron of Montpellier and some have visited the experimental site of Puéchabon.

Second annual meeting 2013

It was held 6-7 February at Florence, Italy.
The 2nd annual meeting was held directly after the EC mid-term review of the project in Florence. 48 participants attended the meeting. The meeting includes a parallel session and a plenary session, with each lasts for one day. The Transnational Access (TA) program in ExpeER project is the focal point in the plenary session. 4 TA users are invited to present results of their projects. Prof. Terry Callaghan presented the infrastructure project INTERACT to the consortium. There was a lively discussion on how to promote the TA program in ExpeER.

First annual meeting 2012

The ExpeER first annual meeting was held from 21th to 24th February 2012 and kindly hosted by UFZ in Leipzig, Germany.
73 participants attended the event which includes parallel workshops for each WorkPackage, interactive sessions, plenary session and a visit to the experimental station Bad Lauchstädt. As one participant pointed out, this meeting is more fruitful than a traditionally structured meeting. There were a lot of interactive discussion among different WP participants and site managers. We need to keep this dynamic within the ExpeER community and turn the ideas from the meeting into concrete actions.

Kick-off meeting 2011

The kick-off meeting of the ExpeER project was held in Fontainebleau (France) from 8 to 10 February together with the ExpeER executive committee meeting on 7 February.
The meeting was organized by INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) and INRA Transfert. Around 60 participants attended the meeting. The aim of the meeting was to launch officially the ExpeER project, to make sure all participants have a common understanding of the project and their roles and to discuss the first step of the project.
The Executive Committee meeting was held on Monday afternoon on 7 February, with the participation of all Executive Committee members or their representatives, to review the presentations of each WP for the General Assembly and to make key decisions. The conference of the General Assembly began on Tuesday morning 8 February with the presentation of the ExpeER project by the ExpeER project coordinator, Abad CHABBI (INRA), and the vice-coordinator, Stefan KLOTZ (UFZ), followed by the invited speeches given by Hervé PERO, head of unit for Research Infrastructures within the Directorate General for Research of the European Commission, Sylvain LAMARE, vice-scientific director of the Institut Ecologie & Environnement (CNRS) and Laurent LAPCHIN, deputy scientific director for the Environment, INRA. A panel discussion was organized to clarify understanding of the project. In the afternoon, presentations of the detailed information for each WorkPackage(WP) were given by the WP leaders. On 9 February parallel workshop sessions for each WP, except for WP5 and WP11, were organized and facilitated by each WP leader. Their objectives were to present to the WP participants the content and the tasks of each WP, discuss their implementation and make an action plan.Another meeting of the General Assembly was held on the last day to summarize the major decisions made for each WP in the workshop sessions and to present the action plans. It was followed by a presentation about the ANAEE Preparatory Phase given by Emmanuelle KLEIN (INRA). The ExpeER kick-off meeting ended with a closing speech by the project coordinator.