ExpeER data policy and guidelines

This looks at the current "PROPOSAL FOR ExpeER DATA SHARING POLICY" and chapter 9 "EXAMPLES. DATA SHARING POLICY". Chapter 5 is mainly based on the data policy developed for TERENO which is a good candidate for a backbone for the ExpeER data policy though we are aware that there are many examples for data sharing policies covering a lot of similar topics. Some of these candidates are collected in chapter 9. We intend to use a synthesis according to the ExpeER needs. This will not result in something very new and unique, as we always need to take care to keep the balance between regulation and freedom so that this can to be accepted by all ExpeER partners! Bearing this in mind, all have been invited to check which points should be changed / implemented from other data policies (see annex) to the current proposed backbone.
More details on D3-1

Metadata standard to describe datasets

This outlines the ExpeER / LTER – Europe metadata profile for the data set for the European Long-Term Ecosystem Research and ANAEE community within the scope of the ExpeER and EnvEurope projects based on EML (Ecological Metadata Language) specification. Moreover a detail description of metadata crosswalk between EML specification and ISO19115 standard is included together with metadata examples, transformation file and validation report.
More details on D3-2


Metadata portal for the dissemination of datasets described using this specification.

ExpeER WP3 contributed to the development and implementation of DEIMS, a tool is based on the first release of Drupal metadata editor provided by colleagues from the US LTER network and related on-going development of Drupal Ecological Information Management System.

It enables the following:

  • DISCOVERY: provides searching and displaying facilities for the created dataset and site description metadata. Discovery provides more interfaces to define various types of queries to be sent to the metadata database as well as displaying of the results. Simple and Advanced metadata search for the data sets as well browsing for the persons and sites information is provided.
  • GEOVIEW (EnvEurope project): provides data portrayal on a map and view attributes of individual features (research sites, data sets). It runs as a different Geoportal application within IFrame.
  • DATASET METADATA EDITOR: provides entry forms for authorised users to create metadata description in accordance with EnvEurope (LTER-Europe)/ExpeER Metadata Specification for Dataset Level based on EML (Ecological Metadata Language) specification.
  • SITE INFORMATION METADATA EDITOR: provides entry forms for authorised users to create metadata description for sites in the ILTER, ExpeER, and GEO-Bon networks.

Vocabulary development for Ecosystem Research

Work is ongoing for the development of EnvThes, a structured controlled vocabulary encompassing concepts and terms used in ecosystem research. EnvThes terms can be used to enhanced discovery and documentation of datasets in DEIMS and other systems but also form a important milestone in semantic annotation of ecological data and semantic data integration.
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