The compilation and comparison of research findings across European ecosystem research facilities is often hampered by non-harmonised and non-standard measurement protocols that limit comparability of datasets. Therefore the primary goal of WP2 in ExpeER is to harmonize measurement and sampling methods for a core set of environmental and ecosystem variables across the focal network of participating research sites, so as to allow findings to be compared and generalised. This was done by conceptualizing the way how to select some core parameters and by elaborating the methods how to measure them.
Parameters were chosen for training and development within ExpeER on the basis of the range of ecological integrity variables, priority given by the ExpeER community, and feedback from the first (internal) training course.


Handbook of standardized ecosystem protocolsThe final set of protocols is:

  • Ecological integrity indicators > Protocol
  • Matter storage > Above ground biomass
  • Matter loss, nutrient cycling > Decomposition
  • Habitat diversity, habitat management > Land use and management
  • Energy capture > Leaf area index
  • Faunal diversity > Soil macrofaunal diversity
  • Matter storage, element concentration > Soil organic matter – C & N stocks
  • Metabolic efficiency > Greenhouse gas emissions from soils

More details on D2-1, D2-2 and D2-3.

Handbook of standardized ecosystem protocols

The complete handbook of standardized ecosystem protocols is availble here.